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Royal Sunset · Yes, we’ve been here before and we’ll be here again. With notes on Salieri and Empty Rooms ...
Sunset Edit · I posted that apricot-rose picture last night, late, and when I looked at it on the big screen at work this morning, I thought “Ouch, that’s borked”. It turns out that I’d cranked Lightroom’s “Fill Light” control all the way over to the right, liking the effect on the centre of the blossom, missing the damage elsewhere ...
TestMaker · I got mail from Frank Cohen saying “We just released TestMaker 5.0, could you give us a plug?” Hey, why not; I don’t know the first thing about the software so this is not an endorsement, and the phrase “SOA Governance” gives me a mild wave of nausea, but Frank’s a good guy, a long-time proponent of dynamic languages on the JVM, and anyhow the software’s Open-Source. Hey Frank, does it talk REST?
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Tidying HTML · I’ve decided that mod_atom really needs to be a blog-publishing system, not just an Atom Store. And furthermore, based mostly on the comments to that Sanitation piece, I’ve made two design decisions. First, the sanitizing happens only on the HTML output; the Atom-store part will persist the data as close as possible to the way it was sent upstream. Second, I’m going to try using the TidyLib parser to pick apart type="html" text constructs so I can clean ’em up ...
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