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On Being for the Web · This thread starts with Bill de hÓra’s ex­cel­lent De­sign for the web, which has use­ful links and com­men­tary about prob­lems with Ja­va web frame­work­s. Coté fol­lows up with Java’s Fear of Com­mit­ment, al­so very good, and in­ter­est­ing dis­course breaks out in both parties’ com­ments. Ob­vi­ous­ly, Bill and Coté are cor­rec­t; em­brac­ing the Web is go­ing to get you a bet­ter re­sult on the Web than not em­brac­ing the We­b. If you want more ev­i­dence, look no fur­ther than PHP, a deeply-flawed tool whose suc­cess is based on (ad­mirably well-done) Web-centricity. Nor­mal­ly, I’d leave it at that, but Coté is wrong about Ja­va and Bill is wrong about both ETags and MVC, and I think all of those things are im­por­tant enough to push back on ...
Echinaceas · This is the sec­ond on­go­ing post which more or less just two pic­tures of Echi­nacea blos­som­s. Hope that’s OK ...
Photo Tab Sweep · Lots of in­ter­est­ing dis­course out there in the pho­to­geek world, girls and boys. Here’s your light­ning tour, this one dom­i­nat­ed by Mike John­ston of The On­line Pho­tog­ra­pher, cur­rent­ly about my fa­vorite pho­to­blog­ger; high qual­i­ty stuff and a nice light tone ...
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