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Trains and People and Restaurants · I’ll close up this minia­ture se­ries on Germany’s cap­i­tal with ob­ser­va­tions on get­ting around, the peo­ple who live there, and go­ing out to eat ...
On PHP and Ruby · Check out Matt Mullenweg’s On PHP, which takes a fair­ly caus­tic look at the (s­low, stalled in many places) tran­si­tion from PHP4 to PHP5. The com­ments are in­ter­est­ing, too. Some­time in the next cou­ple of years, there’s ac­tu­al­ly go­ing to be a Ru­by 2, and the Ru­by and Rails com­mu­ni­ties will de­cide, prob­a­bly with­out much con­sid­er­a­tion for the Ru­by implementors’ feel­ings, whether or not to take the step. There’s a fair­ly widespread feel­ing that, as a piece of lan­guage de­sign, the cur­rent Ru­by (1.8.6) is more or less Good Enough. The Uni­code han­dling needs to be fixed, and the li­braries need some work here and there, and I see Charles Nut­ter propos­ing plausible-sounding lan­guage changes which would be in­vis­i­ble to 99% of de­vel­op­er­s; but there’s no big com­mu­ni­ty out there wait­ing hun­gri­ly for the next Ruby. A ver­sion that was a lot faster would be snapped up PDQ you betcha, but few would care much about the ver­sion num­ber. So I think the Ru­by com­mu­ni­ty as a whole would ben­e­fit from read­ing the con­ver­sa­tion Matt start­ed, as we try to head in­to the Ru­by 2.* fu­ture. I per­son­al­ly think “runs faster and does Uni­code right” will prob­a­bly do the trick, but let’s see.
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