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People-Ready Elephant · Everyone has heard about the People-Ready controversy by now. John Battelle, sitting at the center of the storm, takes up the issue and sounds a defiant note: “But to sum up, I refuse to declare conversational marketing a bad idea because of one storm.” ...
Mideast Roundup · In recent months the situation in the Middle East, particularly on the Israel/Palestine front, has managed to get continuously worse. For the ordinary people there who are engaged in trying to have decent lives, this is an appalling and it seems endless tragedy. One small silver lining is that the desperation has provoked some commentary from insiders on all sides that seems better, more urgent, less packaged, than usual. Quite a bit of this will probably vanish behind one paywall or another, but if you want to be disturbed, depressed, and educated here are a few voices worth reading ...
東京 XI: Lounging · On the Tuesday evening before I left, we had some pure fun, attending the “Developer’s Lounge”, organized by Sun but attended by a menagerie of geeks, every flavor. Think of a short unconference with free food and beer ...
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