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東京 VII: Drinking · The last cou­ple of months I’ve been in both Tokyo and Lon­don, and I vis­it Sil­i­con Val­ley all the time. Tokyo and Lon­don are like each oth­er, and un­like the Val­ley, in that they have a business-drinking cul­ture. Maybe it’s as sim­ple as the fact that in the Val­ley you have to drive ev­ery­where, and you’d have to be pret­ty booze-hungry, or just sui­ci­dal, to load up be­fore get­ting be­hind the wheel on 280 or 85 or 237 or 101 ...
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Tab Sweep: Web Tech · Th­ese are event­ful times in the world of Web tech­nolo­gies. First, Paul Quer­na has a cou­ple of tasty lit­tle morsels for us, the fresh­est be­ing mod­_n­ev­er_­ex­pire. Then there’s the W3C’s Web of Ser­vices for En­ter­prise Com­put­ing Work­shop Re­port; I thought the pun­gent smells of fail­ure on one side and op­ti­mism on the oth­er mixed odd­ly, but still worth read­ing. On the lighter side, check out DeWitt Clinton’s ex­cel­lent Monoball. Fi­nal­ly, Doug Pur­dy, long­time shaper of Microsoft’s view of the We­b, is back with his own APP en­gine (sub­scribe to that in your feed-reader rather than your browser, and Doug, you should serve that as some­thing oth­er than ap­pli­ca­tion/xml). Fi­nal­ly, all the ma­chin­ery that the Java-EE peo­ple pulled to­geth­er to play as nice as pos­si­ble in the WS-swamp has a new name: Pro­ject Metro. Ed­uar­do has the nar­ra­tive, which seems sen­si­ble to me.
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