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Oops · It turns out that some­time in re­cent month­s, I made a lit­tle ad­just­ment to the com­ments sys­tem that locked some but not all users of Mi­crosoft In­ter­net Ex­plor­er out. It was a ma­jor pain in the butt to track down, but I think I have. I don’t have that many Win­dows con­fig­u­ra­tions in the house to test with, so I’d sure ap­pre­ci­ate it if a few of you out there look­ing at on­go­ing through IE would, first of al­l, go here (just the stan­dalone ver­sion of this en­try, please go there now); and once you’ve gone there, cast your eyes at the bot­tom of the page and see if there’s an in­vi­ta­tion to con­tribute a com­men­t. If there is, I’d then ap­pre­ci­ate it if you could you click on it and sub­mit a cou­ple of wit­ty words to see if they show up. If there’s no in­vi­ta­tion or the com­ment won’t sub­mit or some­thing else weird hap­pen­s, do please drop me an email (re­mem­ber, first.last@sun.­com) and let me know the symp­toms and what ver­sions of IE and Win­dows are in play. [Up­date: OK, thanks. I watched the log­files as dozens of peo­ple popped up the com­ment form and a hand­ful or two ac­tu­al­ly sub­mit­ted com­ments; I stopped ap­prov­ing the ones of the form “Yep, it works” af­ter a while. I have no com­plain­ing email­s. Thanks al­l!] ...
東京 VI: Recharging · Tokyo is big and fast and in­tense and it’ll make you tired. And, many months of the year, hot and sweaty too. For­tu­nate­ly, it of­fers a so­lu­tion for these prob­lem­s ...
What an iPhone Looks Like · I no­ticed a bit of traf­fic, start­ing with David Ber­lind, about peo­ple look­ing for vis­its from iPhones in their web-server log­files. I looked in mine, and found a cou­ple. I thought I’d re­pro­duce the ac­tu­al Apache log­file en­try, which is kind of in­ter­est­ing; do your own in­ter­pre­ta­tion ...
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