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Fathers’ Day · The me­dia are full of heart­felt pieces about Father­hood; here is my fa­vorite this year. I find my­self, as a prac­ti­tion­er, feel­ing like an im­pos­tor, but so do many fa­ther­s ...
東京 V: Playing · I don’t know what Japan’s largest ex­port is, but I think its most im­por­tant ex­port is cul­ture. Pop cul­ture to be pre­cise; there are few places where as you walk the streets you see things you’ll see on fash­ion cat­walks and in TV-show back­drops and and Paper pages this time next year; and Tokyo is one of them ...
Web3S · Wel­l, well, we now have two freshly-baked HTTP-based Web Re­source CRUD pro­to­cols which ad­ver­tise them­selves as be­ing REST­ful. Microsoft’s new We­b3S is de­signed to sup­port re­mote up­date of Live Con­tact­s, which is, and I quote: “the cen­tral da­ta store in Win­dows Live for ad­dress book in­for­ma­tion. All Hot­mail con­tact­s, Mes­sen­ger bud­dies and Spaces’ friends are record­ed in Live Con­tact­s. There are cur­rent­ly ap­prox­i­mate­ly 500,000,000 ac­tive ad­dress books in Live Contacts.” See Yaron Goland’s in­tro APP and Dare, the sit­ting duck (read the com­ments too), then the draft spec Web Struc­tured, Schema’d & Search­able (We­b3S) and its FAQ. There’s a re­ac­tion from David Ing, Not Your Father’s MDa­ta; the com­ments be­low might be a good place to ag­gre­gate more links. [Up­date: Yaron Goland has ad­dressed the is­sues I raised here, FAQ-style, in a com­ment be­low.] ...
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