Yep, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like there’s trouble on the horizon. On the RFC4287 syndication-format front, it may have been stable since 2005 and widely deployed, but watch out, there’s a new version of RSS 2.0! (2.0.9, to be precise). RSS 2.0 is sort of RFC4287’s main competition, and if there are two different specs, I guess that must mean it’s twice as good. On the Atom-Protocol side, Google’s John Panzer has made a shocking discovery, and I quote: “There seems to be a complaint that outside of the tiny corner of the Web comprised of web pages, news stories, articles, blog posts, comments, lists of links, podcasts, online photo albums, video albums, directory listings, search results, ... Atom doesn't match some data models.” Well, it was fun while it lasted.


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From: Eddie (Jun 14 2007, at 23:54)

I'm a newbie to feeds generally speaking, and am confused -- are you being sarcastic or serious about "Trouble for Atom"?


From: Robert Bachmann (Jun 15 2007, at 08:04)

I'm pretty sure he's being sarcastic.


From: Elaine (Jun 15 2007, at 08:30)

As a long-time observer of the whole RSS/Atom madness, I'd guess sarcasm.


From: Ron Daniel (Jun 15 2007, at 08:37)

Sarcasm? Tim? Perish the thought.


From: Josh Peters (Jun 15 2007, at 09:46)

So...who's going to tell this guy he's violating the RFC by using a atom:content with a type not one of ( text | html | xhtml )?


From: John Panzer (Jun 15 2007, at 16:01)

Yeah, we kind of snuck that one in, didn't we?


From: Mike (Jun 17 2007, at 00:29)

I'm sure that within the hallowed halls of geekdom this'll sound like heresy, but do I care?

XML, in it's own right, is already a bloated, expensive, overused and overrated mechanism. Of course the XML "craze" is driven by the insecurities of the "must haves" who think, "Everyone else is doing it, so it MUST be the right thing to do!" These are the same insecurities that are exploited by "people" like Microsoft, and look where that got us.

Simply for the sake of feed reading, using Atom is a bit like having the most expensive widget laden Swiss army knife that money can buy, when all we need is a wooden toothpick.


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