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I’ve Seen This Movie · It turns out that the Atom Pro­to­col isn’t good enough for what­ev­er part of Mi­crosoft Dare Obasan­jo works in, he says. Three things should be said: First, Dare’s ar­gu­ments are bo­gus. Se­cond, if you were para­noid and cyn­i­cal, you might won­der what Microsoft’s up to (I’m para­noid and cyn­i­cal.) Fi­nal­ly, this is ac­tu­al­ly good news. [Up­date: Check out Dare’s GDa­ta isn't a Best Prac­tice Im­ple­men­ta­tion of the Atom Pub­lish­ing Pro­to­col and Mi­crosoft and the Atom Pub­lish­ing Pro­to­col, and es­pe­cial­ly Joe Cheng’s Mi­crosoft is not sab­o­tag­ing APP (prob­a­bly). It looks like Mi­crosoft will be join­ing the APP par­ty af­ter al­l; ex­cel­len­t! On GData: as of April’s in­terop even­t, GData, based on an ear­ly draft of the APP, was far from be­ing an in­ter­op­er­a­ble drop-in im­ple­men­ta­tion. But that’s what the event was for; Kyle Marvin and the Googlers gath­ered tons of hands-on da­ta and, last time I checked, still say they in­tend to do APP straight-up.] ...
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