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Gears · On Google Gears, I’m def­i­nite­ly in the skep­ti­cal What is this “being at work while offline” of which you speak? cam­p. I wasn’t con­vinced when Adam Bos­worth was singing this song five years ago and I’m still not. Doesn’t mean hav­ing pro­grammable per­sis­tence in the brows­er isn’t a good idea, though. Browsers al­ready cache heav­i­ly, of course, but not in a way that’s sen­si­tive to the needs of any par­tic­u­lar Ajax code. I mean, con­sid­er a map­ping ap­p; if the com­put­er knows where I am, why shouldn’t the brows­er pre-populate the cache with a few hun­dred lo­cal map tiles? They don’t change that much. And so on. Gears at least seems pret­ty lockin-free.
Going, Going, Gone · In Toronto’s Globe and Mail, a Wil­liam Gib­son el­e­gy (prob­a­bly to van­ish be­hind the pay­wal­l), lament­ing cities’ crush­ing their his­to­ry and our mem­o­ries with­out even notic­ing. Right here in Van­cou­ver we’re see­ing it hap­pen in re­al time, in months not decades. The Cana­da Line project is dig­ging a seven-storey-deep ditch down the mid­dle of what once was a thriv­ing com­mer­cial street that runs more or less up and down the city’s prime merid­i­an. While we crack bit­ter jokes about spe­ci­a­tion set­ting in among the ro­dents ei­ther side of the Big Ditch, and mutually-incomprehensible di­alects among the hu­man­s, the mer­chants aren’t laugh­ing at al­l. Read The Vil­lage a Train Ate in The Ty­ee (an ex­cel­lent pub­li­ca­tion). That’s my vil­lage, and we’ve been reg­u­lars at the restau­rant in the pic­ture; Si­mon has cleaned up more than one bowl of miso soup spilled by our kid­s. The lo­cals say no­body told us what we were let­ting our­selves in for, and that’s true, but it seems ir­rel­e­vant now. So sad.
Roses! · Yes, they’re out ...
Verschärfte Vernehmung · Godwin’s Law, you say? I don’t think so. An­drew Sul­li­van points out pri­or use of the term “Enhanced Interrogation”, pro­mot­ed not on­ly by the malev­o­lent thick­heads of the Bush ad­min­is­tra­tion but by most of the Repub­li­can can­di­dates for Pres­i­den­t; pri­or use, that is, by the Gestapo. Mean­while Dick Cheney ar­gues that the Gene­va Con­ven­tion and the U.S. Con­sti­tu­tion are tools for ter­ror­ist­s. Has the Amer­i­can right wing com­plete­ly lost its mind? I even had to un­sub­scribe from In­stapun­dit; I thought I ought to keep in touch with one ar­tic­u­late camera-loving righty, but there was one too many waves of nau­sea pro­voked by his “Al-Qaeda tor­tures much worse than we do and the Main­stream Me­dia ig­nores it” whin­ing. I had come to think, in mid-life, that while I will nev­er re­al­ly be con­ser­va­tive, there are smart hon­or­able peo­ple on that side who have good points to make. That may be true out­side the Unit­ed States, but in the Amer­i­can con­tex­t, near as I can tel­l, at the mo­ment “conservative” means “pro-torture” which means “scum” ...
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