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Big NetBeans · I was chat­ting with one of the NetBeans guys the oth­er day and he said “BTW, it’s up to 6.7 mil­lion lines of code now”. Gack. Here is their pub­lic sched­ule. Wish them luck­... the thought of man­ag­ing a code-base like that makes my flesh crawl.
Canada vs. Chile · I bet most of you have nev­er seen pic­tures of an in­ter­na­tion­al Field Hock­ey match, but I got some ...
REST News · I’d been go­ing to do a REST news round-up, but Dave John­son beat me to it. He calls it “Atom and REST” and yes, I’ve no­ticed a pat­tern where you get a hand­ful or more of RESTa­far­i­ans in a room, vir­tu­al or re­al, and Atom keeps bub­bling up. Not just the pro­to­col, but the da­ta for­mat too. Oop­s, Dave missed one: Pete Lacey ...
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