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Four Words for Microsoft · Lit­i­gate or shut up.
Lensing · Two pret­ty pic­tures of Western Trum­pet Honey­suck­le (Lon­icera Cil­iosa) blos­som­s, tak­en with very dif­fer­ent lens­es; for both cam­era and flow­er geek­s ...
Lightroom and Open Source · Over the last few years, I’ve be­come some­thing of an open-source tri­umphal­ist, drift­ing to the con­clu­sion that (on the en­gi­neer­ing side) it’s the best way to build soft­ware and (on the busi­ness side) it’s a bet­ter way to mon­e­tize it. I have to con­fess that Adobe Light­room has kind of shak­en my con­vic­tion­s. Cer­tain el­e­ments of its UI and de­sign (for ex­am­ple, the crop/ro­tate tool, and the non­de­struc­tive edit­ing paradig­m) are qual­i­ta­tive steps for­ward in the state of the art. Fur­ther­more, I can’t think of a sin­gle good busi­ness rea­son for Adobe to open-source it. I guess the con­clu­sion is ob­vi­ous: for the fore­see­able fu­ture, both mod­els of soft­ware build­ing and mar­ket­ing are go­ing to march along; nei­ther is doomed.
Spun Gold · In the Rumplestilt­skin sto­ry, the miller’s daugh­ter had to spin straw in­to gold or die, and how­ev­er evoca­tive the dwarf’s over­heard song (Wikipedia has nine ver­sion­s) I could nev­er stop won­der­ing what the spun gold might look like. Now I know ...
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