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Blue · Cornflower-blue to be pre­cise; few shades are more in­tense ...
Orange · Man, I love Cal­i­for­nia pop­pies. Along with the cheery but in­tense colour, the petals’ rough-ish tex­tures make me think of Ja­panese ar­chi­tec­tural wood­work. [Hm­ph. It’s been sug­gest­ed that these are Ice­land pop­pies. Maybe so.] ...
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WCF-REST · It’s like this: The WS-* project’s at­tempt to re-invent RPC and pre­tend that you can suc­cess­ful­ly take an object-model view of net­worked ap­pli­ca­tions looks in­creas­ing­ly fan­ci­ful, in the gen­er­al case. On the oth­er hand, Microsoft’s Mer­ry Men slaved away on Indigo, worked around the hor­rors of XSD and WSDL, built some pret­ty good Visu­al Stu­dio tool­ing, and shipped DCOM, the Next Gen­er­a­tion WCF; now it’s the way Win­dows wants to be talked to over the net. Which is why the Ja­va ecosys­tem has things like WSIT, built in­to JAX-WS; you may not like Win­dows but ev­ery­one has to talk to it ...
White · Here­with a cou­ple of shots of young, half-formed Astilbe flow­er­s. [Up­date:] Oop­s, I had the wrong end of the stick. Th­ese are ac­tu­al­ly “Native Solomon’s Seal” (Smi­lacina race­mosa). But they grow where the Astilbes do (or ac­tu­al­ly, where they will, in a cou­ple of month­s) ...
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