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Photomagic · It’s about the beau­ty in the vol­ley­ball players’ faces. While this is ad­mit­ted­ly about cam­eras, even if you don’t care about sports or cam­eras, you owe it to your­self to go check out this slide show, which an as­tound­ing piece of re­portage, damn the medi­um. For the cam­era geek­s, the slideshow is il­lus­tra­tive ma­te­ri­al from Rob Galbraith’s write-up on Canon’s all-out as­sault on the state of the digi­cam art with their EOS-1D Mark III. But that’s not the mag­ic. The mag­ic is from The On­line Pho­tog­ra­pher, a high­ly rec­om­mend­ed pho­to­geek blog, in par­tic­u­lar the “Featured Comment” from Matthew Miller down at the bot­tom of So You Thought You Had Good Buf­fer Depth, and it asks a ques­tion: Why does a dig­i­tal cam­era need a lens, any­how? A lens is an ex­pen­sive in­flex­i­ble ana­log com­put­er that locks you in­to one focal-length set­ting. If you cap­ture the pho­tons hit­ting the front of the lens, shouldn’t you be able to fig­ure out the best fo­cus lat­er? Or has Mr. Miller got some­thing wrong in the ba­sic physic­s?
My Other Office · In this space, I write of­ten enough to whine and bitch and moan about busi­ness trav­el, so I ought to give an oc­ca­sion­al tip of the hat to the parts that aren’t too bad ...
Trillium Again · I said I wasn’t go­ing to post flow­ers ev­ery day but I un­load­ed the lit­tle cam­era and found this sub­dued tril­li­um ...
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