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Big, Big Iron · Yes­ter­day April 17th we did a great big honk­ing an­nounce­ment about server­s, er make that an an­nounce­ment about great big honk­ing server­s. Frankly, I know pret­ty well zilch about this class of ma­chine; I can re­late to Web pumps like the T1000/T2000, and to an x86 meat-grinder like the X4100 (which an ir­ri­tat­ed lit­tle bird work­ing for one of our cus­tomers just told me that you can’t buy at the mo­ment be­cause they’re sold out­); but these supertanker-scale things we cooked up with Fu­jit­su are from an­oth­er plan­et. I went pok­ing around blogs.­sun.­com look­ing for some­thing hands-on. Bin­go (but, er, anony­mous bin­go, which ir­ri­tates me; I’ve ex­pressed my opin­ion on this in­ter­nal­ly). First, “EXOTERIC” was down in the trench­es with Fu­jit­su and the iron, see New Sun-Fujitsu SPARC En­ter­prise Sys­tems. Se­cond, “BM Seer” fires a vol­ley of bench­mark­s: bang bang bang bang. I may not grok the fin­er points of main­frame tech­nol­o­gy but you can fol­low point­ers from the an­nounce­ment to the M9000 and look at the heavy-metal pic­tures. Ouf.
FotD: April 18 Early Azaleas · This bush, Alex Waterhouse-Hayward told me up­on hear­ing its de­scrip­tion, is a Ja­panese Aza­lea; dis­tin­guished by van­ish­ing, when it’s in full bloom, be­hind a sol­id mass of blos­som­s. When so cov­ered it re­quires sub­stan­tial­ly greater skill than mine to pho­to­graph be­cause the all that red over­loads the cam­er­a. But at the mo­ment it’s tractable.
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