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How Big is the Club? · We who read (and write) blogs and play with the lat­est In­ter­net Trin­kets (and build them) have been called an echo cham­ber, a hall of mir­rors, a tee­ny geeky mi­nor­i­ty whose au­di­ence is it­self. Let me ex­plore this no­tion a bit us­ing Twit­ter ...
Atompub Interop Lessons · The re­sults are sum­ma­rized on the Wi­ki; what do they mean? Ob­vi­ous­ly, good news: The fact that peo­ple from this many places, most of whom had nev­er met be­fore, got to­geth­er and were able to put that many check-marks on the grid, based on a pro­to­col whose de­sign is not quite frozen, verges on the mirac­u­lous. Now let’s dive a lit­tle deep­er; what does each check-mark mean, and what can im­ple­men­tors bet on, and when? ...
FotD: April 17 Rhododendron Buds · When these open, they’ll be rhodo­den­drons and prob­a­bly very pale yel­low. Once again, two pic­tures, but quite a bit dif­fer­en­t. I find that I don’t re­al­ly have a word to de­scribe the colour ...
Which Language? · I was hav­ing trou­ble get­ting my par­tial­ly home-baked Ru­by WSSE im­ple­men­ta­tion to play nice with Hiroshi Asakura’s NTT server-side, so I asked him to send me his WSSE client code. I even­tu­al­ly got it to work (not 100% sure how) but at one point I was peer­ing close­ly at Hiroshi’s code and think­ing “What does that do?” and re­al­ized I wasn’t sure what pro­gram­ming lan­guage I was read­ing. Then I re­al­ized it didn’t re­al­ly mat­ter, they all look more and more like each oth­er. It turned out to be C#.
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