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Interop Impressions and Pix · We worked from noon till six Monday, and from 8:30 till the middle of Tuesday; a little over twenty people in the room. I got the Ape talking to a few and failed with a couple of others, but in those cases the problems were implementation glitches, not the protocol. Surprises? I saw a couple of servers that didn’t accept Atom entries, just various kinds of media objects. OK, I guess. Pleasant surprises: getting pretty well complete interoperation with (on almost the first try) Nikunj Mehta’s code and (after a bit of work) Kevin Beyer’s and James Snell’s. I’m running a few shots of the event just because I like taking pictures of people. I’ll write another piece drawing some technical conclusions ...
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One of Everything · On the Internet I mean. And actually that should be <em>at least</em> one. In connection with a project I’m working on, I was thinking about monkey noises and, what do you know, welcome to the world of <a href='http://pin.primate.wisc.edu/av/vocals/index.html'>Primate Vocalizations</a>. My fave is Dian Fossey’s gorilla hooting and <i>Colobus abyssinicus: Male roar</i>.
FotD: April 16 Tulips · Yellow tulips with scarlet sprinkles at the peak of their youthful beauty. I had two shots that I liked and was agonizing about which to run but hey, this is digital, bits is free, right?
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