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FotD: April 13 Fallen Magnolias · Another shot from the botan­i­cal gar­den; the mag­no­lias there were fad­ing and those ones are hard to shoot even at their peak be­cause they’re on 50-foot-high trees. But the pink-on-brown un­der the trees was at­trac­tive to the eye as well.
Lightroom Fanboy · I re­al­ly don’t of­ten use this space to blath­er on about how good some piece of com­mer­cial client-side closed-source soft­ware is, but, well... Adobe Light­room is a tru­ly great piece of work. Not on­ly is it just the thing for the se­ri­ous pho­tog­ra­pher, I think it may have ad­vanced the state of the GUI art ...
Twitter, Rails, Seaside, Respect · If you’re ob­ses­sive about dy­nam­ic lan­guages and Web frame­works (and who isn’t?) it’s been a juicy few days. Let’s start with a bunch of point­er­s: Mike Pence in­ter­views Avi Bryant & tries to start a fight. Avi says “huh?”. DHH too, in his own space and an In­foQ in­ter­view. At the same time, a Twit­ter de­vel­op­er diss­es Rails. DHH says smart things and so do Kel­lan of Laugh­ingMeme and Ryan To­mayko. Phew. Now it’s my turn ...
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