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FotD: April 10 Camellias · I al­ways have trou­ble grow­ing camel­lias. Either I’m not giv­ing them enough love or there’s some­thing wrong with our soil; so the leaves and flow­ers turn brown. The oth­er day I was walk­ing through the neigh­bor­hood and there was this big (way taller than me) camel­lia bush that was just the pic­ture of glow­ing health; ev­ery leaf and flow­er seem­ing­ly per­fec­t.
Passport Hell · To­day I spent nine (9) (no, that’s not a ty­po) hours in line to ap­ply for a pass­port ...
Good Conduct for Bloggers · As sev­er­al have not­ed wit­ti­ly, Tim O’Reilly has man­aged to ac­com­plish the near-unthinkable by get­ting the on­line com­mu­ni­ty to unite in dis­agree­ing with his Call for a Blogger's Code of Con­duct. (There’s a wik­i­fied ver­sion, not re­al­ly start­ing to con­verge yet). I per­son­al­ly wouldn’t be able to adopt Tim’s pro­pos­al, but I think the dis­cus­sion he’s launched is a use­ful and healthy one, and we all owe a vote of thanks. I have one big is­sue and some lit­tle ones, but I al­so have an al­ter­na­tive to pro­pose ...
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Rock Secret Contest · Check out Jonathan’s piece to­day on the Rock. Some­times he makes me ner­vous... but hey, let's have some fun with it. The first three peo­ple who can de­ci­pher his art­ful clues and guess (by com­ment­ing here) what the Big Cool Nifty Rock Se­cret is will win a round of blog ap­plause from me and al­so a neat Sun sweat­shirt or hood­ie (my own, un­opened con­fer­ence loot sit­ting at the back of a clos­et, this is not a Sun con­test etc etc) ...
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