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Shellflower IV · Once again, scanned us­ing the Waterhouse-Hayward tech­nique, the ob­verse and re­verse of an erod­ed seashel­l. Of­fered on­ly to please your eye. [Series in­tro here.] ...
Web Accountability · Fol­low­ing on last week’s nas­ti­ness, Tim O’Reilly has is­sued a Call for a Blogger's Code of Con­duct; good stuff. While the dis­cus­sion he launch­es will cer­tain­ly be use­ful, I think you can boil down his point #1 to get one sim­ple rule that clean­ly ad­dress­es the le­gal and eth­i­cal re­al­i­ties and isn’t just for blog­gers and that we all should live by: You’re ac­count­able for what ap­pears on your Web site ...
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