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Contrib: Cameras · Check out the com­ments on my high-end com­pact sur­vey for some re­al in­sight and ex­pe­ri­ence ...
Contrib: I Give Up on Comments · I start­ed a di­a­logue here and it went some­thing like this. Tim: “I want to fid­dle the feeds to make the com­ments more visible.” Tim’s com­menter­s: “Go pound sand.” Well OK then, I won’t, for now. What I will do is, when I think there’s some un­fin­ished busi­ness com­ing out of the con­tri­bu­tions I’ll do a post like this with “Contrib:” in the ti­tle. Al­so, there were some good ideas that I’ll try to cap­ture in an im­proved com­ments feed. Al­so, I’ll try and fig­ure out a way to do some of what Sam wants. I’m look­ing for a metaphor to pin on Sam. Ca­nary in the coalmine? Princess and the pea? What­ev­er, he has good taste.
Moose Fever · Wel­l, at least I know where I got it. The flu is a fun­ny dis­ease, all over the map; I’m in my ninth day and still far from 100%. Part­ly that’s be­cause on her sixth day, Lau­ren sud­den­ly got marked­ly worse and was des­per­ate­ly ill in bed, so I ran the house and kids and ev­ery­thing all week­end in a weak­ened con­di­tion ...
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