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Advertising · I spend a main­stream amount of time read­ing mag­a­zines and watch­ing TV, and a more-than-mainstream amount read­ing the Net. Of all the teem­ing bil­lions of dol­lars poured in­to ad­ver­tis­ing on all these me­di­a, es­sen­tial­ly none of it speaks to me. This was brought home yes­ter­day when I was im­pressed by two ads in one day. They were run­ning this TV ad for Sub­way (the sand­wich shop) that was just in­cred­i­bly sim­ple and lin­ear: “Unlike McDon­alds and the oth­er­s, we make our bread fresh ev­ery day in the store”; with a pic­ture of the oven. I haven’t been to a Sub­way in decades, but the next time I’ve got hun­gry cranky kids to wran­gle, that’s maybe a good ar­gu­ment for giv­ing them a try. The same evening, I was look­ing through my news­feed­s, and in The Economist’s ex­cel­lent Free Ex­change blog (yeah, dust off your knee-jerk right-silliness fil­ter, but stil­l) feed, one of the en­tries was an ad; a sim­ple one-paragraph squib say­ing there was a spe­cial of­fer for new sub­scriber­s. I al­ready sub­scribe, but you couldn’t imag­ine a bet­ter way to pitch a sub­scrip­tion. Two in one day? That’s the first time that’s hap­pened in years.
Photo Camp and High-End Compacts · At North­ern Voice, one of the best ses­sions was the Pho­to Camp; the on­ly prob­lem was that, at nine­ty min­utes, it was way too short. I did a lit­tle pre­sen­ta­tion on the state of the high-end-compact mar­ket (sum­ma­rized be­low), but as usu­al­ly hap­pens at an Un­con­fer­ence, I learned more than I taugh­t ...
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