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Five Things · Har­rumph, I’ve been tagged. I’m not sure I ap­prove of this glorified-chain-letter stuff, but who can re­sist a chance to blath­er on about them­selves? So, here are five not-widely-known things ...
Unmashable Web? · There’s been a flur­ry of com­men­tary about Google dep­re­cat­ing their SOAP API. For amuse­ment val­ue, you can’t beat Steve Loughran’s “Slowly, all over the world, the lights on the SOAP end­points are go­ing out”; but the deep­est think­ing comes from David Meg­gin­son, in Begin­ning of the end for open web da­ta APIs? If you care about the Web as a plat­for­m, be afraid, be very afraid. David has hit the nail on the head.
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