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Backlash · Si­mon Phipps point­ed me at Protest the Microsoft-Novell Pa­tent Agree­ment, say­ing “The emo­tion is remarkable”, and he’s right, it is. The more I thought about that deal the less I wor­ried about it. Sure, soft­ware patents be­ing what they are, GNU/Lin­ux, like ev­ery non­triv­ial chunk of code, doubt­less in­fringes lot­s. So who’s Mi­crosoft gonna sue? Any large-scale Lin­ux us­er is al­so a large-scale Mi­crosoft cus­tomer; that would be bad for busi­ness. They could go af­ter Red Hat or Canon­i­cal, but that’d end up hurt­ing their cus­tomer­s, help­ing Sun, and any­how you could no more squish Lin­ux that way than you can squeeze wa­ter in your fist. “Never as­cribe to mal­ice that which can be ex­plained by incompetence” they say, and it’s true too; so maybe some Red­mond strate­gist thought the vague FUD cloud would ac­tu­al­ly move the needle. Wel­l, it has; but per­haps not quite as planned.
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