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Tab Sweep · Uni­fy­ing the­me: none. Item: Ex­cel­lent Rails-vs.-Django study. No axe to grind, ap­par­ent­ly. No ob­vi­ous win­ner, which is news giv­en the Rails hy­pe. Item: Dana Blankenhorn’s Means and ends in open source; very thought-provoking. My guess is that the im­mense li­cens­ing fees driv­ing the bloat­ed sales in­fras­truc­tures at Or­a­cle, SAP, and friends are small in re­la­tion to the whole soft­ware ac­quire/de­ploy/­main­tain mon­e­tary pie, so the size of the whole in­dus­try isn’t like­ly to change that much. Item: Irv­ing Wladawsky-Berger, grand IBM tech­nol­o­gy poo-bah, spec­u­lates about the fu­ture of the 3-D Web in An Unusu­al Meet­ing. Speak­ing as one who’s made two con­cert­ed ef­forts to build a 3-D rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the We­b, I sure hope he’s right. Item: I can read Takashi’s cat’s mind. He’s 100% fo­cused on how he can get in be­tween Takashi and the com­put­er. (Takashi’s amus­ing post is about “Engineer's 2.0 day-life in the midafternoon”.) Item: From Clay Shirky, So­cial Fact­s, Ex­per­tise, Ci­ti­zendi­um, and Carr; a care­ful, level-headed thought piece on what it means to be an ex­pert, in the con­text of Wikipedia and Ci­ti­zendi­um. Item: From “jbischke” at Learn Out Loud, a handy list of The Top 10 Ar­gu­ments Against DRM; we al­ready knew most of this stuff, but it’s use­ful to have it pulled to­geth­er, well-argued and in one place. Item: Everyone’s blog­ging Test your mu­si­cal skills in 6 min­utes!; I on­ly got 72.2%, sigh.
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