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Autumn Leaves · At RubyCon­f, a per­son I’d nev­er met be­fore said “You should be run­ning more pictures” and he was right, for some rea­son the cam­era hasn’t leapt out of my pock­et as read­i­ly in re­cent times. But to­day I was walk­ing down to the store and there was this tree with the sun be­hind it and the leaves just reached in and pulled the cam­era out ...
Lost Souls, Documented · On Satur­day night I marched in the Pa­rade of the Lost Souls. It was a thrilling evening; I came home ex­haust­ed, sore, and hap­py. It was al­so ex­treme­ly well-documented. [Up­date: Another write-up.] ...
Data that Holds Still · Th­ese last few days, I’ve been sketch­ing in some code for an idea I have that you’ll hear about if it work­s. Un­like most of my re­cent pro­ject­s, it’s got no net­work links or message-passing or socket-munging, it just pro­cess­es some da­ta and pro­duces some oth­er data. The main dif­fer­ence is, it’s in­cred­i­bly easy to unit-test. There are lots of network-programming tasks where I just don’t even know how to unit-test, and where you can do it, it takes a lot of ex­tra work and or­ches­tra­tion, and so the temp­ta­tion to slack off can be ir­re­sistible, for me at least. Some­one who re­al­ly want­ed to ad­vance the state of the art in soft­ware could work on re­duc­ing the fric­tion for de­vel­op­ers who be­lieve in TDD but have to write dis­tribut­ed code.
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