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Out With the Old · Check out Rein­vent­ing HTML by Tim Berners-Lee. There’s go­ing to be a new HTML Work­ing Group, with a new chair, new char­ter, new staff con­tac­t, new ev­ery­thing. There’s no point me re­pro­duc­ing Tim’s nar­ra­tive about the char­ter, but it’s in­ter­est­ing; go read it. I have had a very poor re­la­tion­ship with the ex­ist­ing HTML WG, so I’m hard­ly un­bi­ased; but giv­en the that the W3C’s im­pact on HTML over the last few years has been es­sen­tial­ly ze­ro, I think that this has to be A Good Thing. [Up­date: There is re­lat­ed TAG dis­cus­sion afoot.]
Project Orange Box · The an­nounce­ment com­pares it to our Pro­ject Black­Box: “Lower pow­er, small­er form fac­tor, less ex­pen­sive, more ther­mal­ly ef­fi­cien­t, more en­vi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly (ful­ly biodegrad­able), or­gan­ic, and sim­ple architecture.” There’s a pho­to gallery; I par­tic­u­lar­ly like the I/O Panel.
Samsung, Ringtones, Fair Use · My cell­phone ex­pired, so I was pok­ing around here and there on the net look­ing for some­thing un­locked in a GSM fla­vor; but one of my key cri­te­ria is big but­tons that I can see with­out my reading-glasses, and the Web just doesn’t help you there. I end­ed up at a lo­cal grey-market em­po­ri­um where a friend­ly Rus­sian sold me a Sam­sung SGH-D600; it def­i­nite­ly meets the no-reading-glasses cri­te­ri­on and seems like a pret­ty nice phone. This cute lit­tle slidey black goober lets you use any old MP3 as a ring­tone. Giv­en that most of us have tons o’ mu­sic on our com­put­er­s, and it’s pret­ty easy to slice out a sub-ten-second clip and Blue­tooth it over to the phone, I guess the ring-tones busi­ness is dead. It seems ob­vi­ous to me that us­ing mu­sic I’ve al­ready paid for in this way is Fair Use, but I bet there’s a lawyer some­where who’d dis­agree for a fee. So I sat up late one evening cack­ling fiendish­ly over the au­dio soft­ware, and my ring­tones are: Mancini’s Peter Gunn theme (the clas­sic Ray An­tho­ny ver­sion of course), the open­ing se­quences of Burn­ing Spear’s Slav­ery Days and Deep Purple’s High­way Star (off Made in Ja­pan), and the clos­ing sec­onds of Ru­n­away Hors­es from Phil Glass’ won­der­ful Mishi­ma sound­track. Now, when­ev­er the phone rings, I smile.
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