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GullFOSS · I’ve nev­er been 100% com­fort­able with this no­tion of a “group blog”, but I guess I should stop wor­ry­ing. The Aquar­i­um seems to have been a ma­jor suc­cess for the GlassFish peo­ple, and now there’s Gul­lFOSS, OpenOffice.org’s home on the bl­o­go­spher­ic range. As I write this, the lat­est post is their week­ly de­vel­op­ment sched­ule snap­shot, some­thing that more Open-Source projects would do well to post. I may up do­ing a 180° turn and think­ing that ev­ery sub­stan­tial de­vel­op­ment project should have a group blog.
How Much Work? · Here are links to two ex­plo­rations of the same ques­tion: why do we work the amount we work? Suw Char­man re­cent­ly re­port­ed on a thought-provoking EuroFOO ses­sion by Ryan Car­son, who has de­cid­ed as a mat­ter of pol­i­cy to put his com­pa­ny on a four-day week. Then to­day Brad DeLong quotes Robert Frank on Keynes hav­ing been wrong about wealth and de­sire, but is left un­sat­is­fied, still won­der­ing “Why 40 hours?” Some of us, of course, have vo­ca­tions not jobs and are hap­pi­ly writ­ing code and chat­ting with col­leagues and blog­ging at 11PM. But stil­l... one would like the amount peo­ple work to be ex­pli­ca­ble by ra­tio­nal eco­nomic­s. DeLong doesn’t try, he veers beau­ti­ful­ly side­ways in­to Cow­boy Eco­nomics or rather Junkie Eco­nomic­s; well any­how, he quotes six vers­es of a song usu­al­ly sung by Mar­go Tim­min­s. Which is a sane way to ad­dress a mys­tery. But if I were go­ing around again, I think I’d be an economist.
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