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Cars and Publishing · While our car was in the shop, we rent­ed a van and it dawned on us that for a 2-child fam­i­ly that’s on the road quite a bit, a van might be a bet­ter choice than ei­ther of the cur­rent char­i­ot­s, a tiny lov­able Golf diesel or a slick but space-challenged Au­di wag­on. So we’re kind of car shop­ping. As a side-effect of this pro­cess, I be­gin to think that Con­sumer Re­ports is maybe ahead of the world in ef­fec­tive in­te­grat­ed pub­lish­ing ...
Cars and User Interfaces · I can re­mem­ber, back in the day, when we were ar­gu­ing about us­er in­ter­faces we said “It should be as in­tu­itive as a car is. Any ex­pe­ri­enced driv­er can get in a new, strange, car and fig­ure it out in minutes.” Wel­l, I’ve been us­ing a bunch of dif­fer­ent com­put­ers and driv­ing a bunch of dif­fer­ent cars late­ly, and I think we’re there. With a sad pic­ture and some au­to­mo­tive micro-reviews ...
Van Distortion · We’re look­ing for a mini-van or equiv­a­len­t, and it seems like the in­dus­try re­al­ly wants to sell us some­thing less use­ful for more mon­ey ...
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