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RAD V: << !! · [RAD stands for Ru­by Ape Diaries, of which this is part V.] If you look at Ru­by code, you keep see­ing this lit­tle two-character mo­tif <<, and maybe ev­ery­one else al­ready knew about this, but it sure feels like mag­ic to this farm boy from the Prairies. Bonus: Lisp spec­u­la­tion ...
RAD VII: J?REXML · [RAD stands for Ru­by Ape Diaries, of which this is part VII.] In na­tive Ruby, the de­fault way to do XML pro­cess­ing is via the REXML li­brary. In JRuby, you have an­oth­er de­fault choice—Java’s built-in XML APIs. Nei­ther op­tion is that great. Stil­l, there are some rea­son­ably safe ways to get the job done. I wrote some glue code called JREXML to make the Ja­va APIs look more like REXML, which forced me to think about this stuff per­haps more than is en­tire­ly healthy ...
RAD VI: Java APIs from JRuby · [RAD stands for Ru­by Ape Diaries, of which this is part VI.] The rea­son I first built the Ape in JRu­by was so I could get at all those nice Ja­va APIs, and that turned out to be a good rea­son. Of course, there is a bit of im­pe­dence mis­mach, and I end­ed up writ­ing some glue code. I kind of sus­pect that, should JRu­by catch on, there’s go­ing to be scope for quite a bit of this glue-ware. This frag­ment is just a few ex­am­ples of the gen­re, to pro­vide ex­am­ples and per­haps pro­voke thought ...
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