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Back to the Mac · It took near­ly two weeks to get the Pow­erBook fixed, but for now I’m a Macboy again. On bal­ance, the Mac ex­pe­ri­ence is bet­ter. But Ubun­tu is not that far be­hind, and it’s catch­ing up. I’m think­ing about the endgame ...
Ceasefire · Wel­l, the cease­fire seems to be hold­ing, thank good­ness. What a stupid, stupid, stupid war. Nev­er as­cribe to mal­ice, they say, that which can be ex­plained by in­com­pe­tence. Juan Cole of­fers a well-deserved ex­tend­ed bitterly-funny sneer at all the play­ers on the stage. Al­so, he has a let­ter from Pa­trick McGreevy that seems to sa­vor of truth. We owe sym­pa­thy to the vic­tims on both sides. And I can’t help feel­ing some for the grunts, on both sides bad­ly led, on one side march­ing in­to rough ter­ri­to­ry where the oth­er side’s had years to dig in and get ready for you, on the oth­er liv­ing in caves and get­ting ham­mered by the best mod­ern Western mil­i­tary tech­nol­o­gy. The Hez boys think that hav­ing lived through it, they won. I don’t think any­one did.
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