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Involuntary Ubuntu · This morn­ing I got a con­tract in the email from a lawyer and clicked on it, and MS Word start­ed open­ing. Sigh. Then, my Mac locked up. After I cy­cled the pow­er a cou­ple of times, it was es­sen­tial­ly a brick. Can I blame Mi­crosoft? It’s off at the Mac doc­tor now, no prog­no­sis, no ETA. [Up­date: Fried log­ic board, new one on or­der, they can’t say when it’ll be here.] I’m learn­ing how to ac­tu­al­ly work full time on Ubun­tu re­al­ly fast (that was the cur­rent most up-to-date in­stall on the Ul­tra 20, and I re­al­ly did not want to in­vest any OS-install time). If you’re read­ing this, I’m mov­ing along OK; this is the first-ever on­go­ing post not au­thored on and post­ed from a Mac­in­tosh ...
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