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Atom Newsreel · I work on lots of dif­fer­ent things, but Atom is the most im­por­tan­t, don’t you for­get it. Item: Atom 1.0 isn’t even a year old and it al­ready has its first stan­dard­ized ex­ten­sion, for feed thread­ing; an­nounce­ment chez James Snell, who did most of the work. Item: Blog­lines has re­sumed work on their Atom 1.0 parser, and it’s con­sid­er­ably less bro­ken than it used to be. You can ac­tu­al­ly use it to read my Atom feed and it no longer mess­es up the white space. The relative-link han­dling still needs work, though; my pic­tures don’t show up, and some in­ter­nal links are bro­ken (not al­l... puz­zling). Any­how, good on ya guys, this is the right di­rec­tion. Item: The work­ing group just pub­lished Draft 9 of the pro­to­col (of­fi­cial and HTML ver­sion­s). My opin­ion is that noth­ing in here will change much, and there will be a cou­ple of very small ad­di­tion­s, and then we’ll go for IETF last cal­l. For Atom­ic pedants, the change here is what hap­pens when you post some­thing that isn’t an En­try, like for ex­am­ple a movie or a pic­ture.
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