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Blogging Cam: Almost Right · Via Niall Kennedy (who’s been very good late­ly): Mi­crosoft cam­eras that have one-button pub­lish­ing to MSN Spaces. This is so wrong. I don’t want to see a fu­ture in which your cam­era is LiveJournal-enabled or Facebook-ready. When I get a com­put­er or a mo­bile de­vice, it’s ei­ther Web-ready or not, it doesn’t have to be MSN-enabled or Yahoo-blessed. This is why we need the Atom pro­to­col. If your phone or your cam­era or your any­thing is Atom-enabled, then it will work with any pub­lish­er who sup­ports the pro­to­col, no spe­cial deals re­quired. Com­ing soon.
OpenSolaris Is One · That was quite a launch, this time last year; hun­dreds of blog­ger­s, hun­dreds of thou­sands of word­s. I think it kind of worked. As of now, geeks choos­ing a server-side OS for geek rea­sons have a hand­ful of choic­es: Lin­ux, So­lar­is, one or two of the BSDs. I care about the geeks and I don’t care that much about the CIOs, be­cause dur­ing the first decade of my ca­reer, while the CIOs were talk­ing about MVS and VMS and Tan­dem Guardian and AS/400, the geeks were qui­et­ly say­ing “Unix” and gen­er­al­ly Get­ting Shit Done. If we can give hands-on peo­ple good tech­ni­cal rea­sons to use So­lar­is, they will; oth­er­wise not. I still want a GNU/So­laris user­land, please. Want Dap­per Drake on So­lar­is? Done. [Up­date: That Nex­en­ta Al­pha 5 is now out, with Dap­per, OpenSo­laris 40, 11,800 pack­ages, JDK via DLJ and tons of oth­er juicy Gnu + De­bian + Ubun­tu good­ness.]
Title Pain · James Hold­er­ness, a guy who re­al­ly knows his shit about syn­di­ca­tion tech, has been do­ing some torture-testing; see En­cod­ing RSS Ti­tles, which shows that if you want to do some­thing as ob­vi­ous as men­tion­ing “AT&T” in your ti­tle, you’re in deep RSS doo-doo. (Did I say tor­ture test? James blogs at www.詹姆斯.com; the boy’s got at­ti­tude.) Any­how, James es­tab­lish­es that there’s es­sen­tial­ly no safe way to do this. Quot­ing him: “Clearly if you want to sup­port Fire­fox or In­ter­net Ex­plor­er you’ve got no choice but to use the sin­gle en­cod­ing op­tion. For cer­tain strings, though, that would mean los­ing sup­port for at least twen­ty oth­er aggregators.” Yow. So I emailed James, ask­ing “Would it be over­sim­plis­tic to say: ‘Thus, use Atom 1.0?’” He wrote back “Somewhat. While Atom doesn't have the am­bi­gu­i­ties of the RSS spec, it has all the same prob­lems with bug­gy clients.” Fair enough. But I think that James proved that, with RSS, you can’t solve the prob­lem even in prin­ci­ple. With Atom, you can. Which seems like a de­ci­sive ar­gu­men­t, to me. [Up­date: Oh hel­l, James’ Chi­nese URI broke some­thing in the on­go­ing front-page gen­er­a­tor... un­til I’ve fixed it, use this.]
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