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Grains · We push tech­nol­o­gy along slow­ly, gain­ing a bit here and a bit there. Most im­prove­ments, in any­thing, are in­cre­men­tal; the big ad­vances, ev­ery one of ’em, are root­ed in the fer­tile soil whose grains are all those lit­tle steps for­ward. Here are a few grain­s. Item: Bruce Eck­el squeezes XML in­to a sin­gle Python class. Item: Niall Kennedy pulls to­geth­er all the syn­di­ca­tion specs you might need; for ex­am­ple see atom­.feed­spec­s.­com or itunes.feed­spec­s.­com. Item: Peter Thomas pulls to­geth­er a spine-chilling graph­ic map­ping what hap­pens around a Hiber­nate storeItem cal­l. Ques­tion: is what this pic­ture shows a prob­lem or not? Item: Charles Nut­ter push­es the JRu­by Gems along, in­ter­est­ing­ly (and read the com­ments).
Scoble & PodTech · I wasn’t go­ing to write any­thing about this be­cause so many oth­ers have, and I don’t know the first thing about PodTech. But then this morn­ing they spammed me. Any email that lands in my in­box that’s writ­ten in marketing-ese and I don’t know who sent it, that’s spam. I con­clude that PodTech needs some help; there’s some­thing deeply, um, what’s the word I’m look­ing for here, to de­scribe an­nounc­ing a move in the blog­ging space by spam­ming press re­leas­es? Let’s use “wrong”. Some ex­cerpt­s: “PodTech.Network Inc., a lead­ing emerging-media com­pa­ny ... ‘Robert Scoble is a glob­al brand and we are thrilled to have him as a mem­ber of the PodTech team’ said John Fur­ri­er ... pro­vides a me­dia plat­form of Fresh Voices™ that ig­nite the pow­er of con­ver­sa­tion among com­pa­nies, their cus­tomer­s, and part­ners ... His me­dia ex­per­tise and vi­sion is in align­ment with PodTech’s busi­ness strat­e­gy and ex­ten­sion of our de­vel­op­ing me­dia platform.” For their sake, let’s hope that Scoble rep­re­sents a Clue­train tick­et.
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