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Newborn · Now we are 4. Last Thurs­day Lau­ren and I be­came par­ents of a bounc­ing 9lb 7oz (big!) ba­by girl. She’s fine, Lauren’s fine. As a mat­ter of pol­i­cy, our children’s names and pho­tos don’t ap­pear here, so in­stead of say­ing “the kid” it’ll have to be “the boy” or “the girl”. Wel­l, we de­cid­ed to make one ex­cep­tion; how can a cute-baby pho­to do any har­m? Plus, as a ser­vice to the loy­al read­ers of on­go­ing, a dozen facts about new­borns and their con­tex­t ...
2006 World Cup · Wel­l, if you’re go­ing to spend three days in a hos­pi­tal room with a re­cov­er­ing wife and an ad­just­ing new­born, the first few days of the World Cup are the time to do it; I’ve watched six of the first nine match­es. Soc­cer isn’t my fa­vorite spec­ta­tor sport, but I’m a suck­er for a Big Oc­ca­sion, and sports-wise, this is the biggest. Plus the match­es look so great, the flower-bright uni­form colours and the arc of the ball in the Ger­man sun­shine. I to­tal­ly rec­om­mend catch­ing a few, it’s first-rate TV. Here­with some com­ments on the ear­ly go­ing ...
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