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Abstract Numbers Yadda Yadda · Fol­low­ing on the up­date to the bi­na­ry search piece, I am in re­ceipt of mul­ti­ple email­s, and the tar­get of mul­ti­ple web links, all say­ing, in a su­pe­ri­or kind of tone, “The poor boy, that prim­i­tive Ja­va stuff broke be­cause he doesn’t have auto-magical big num­bers like Lisp-n-Smalltalk had back in the day.” Thank you for rais­ing my con­scious­ness. If you’ll grant that the trade-off be­tween fixed-size hard-wired datatypes and more ab­stract ones has been un­der dis­cus­sion since Tur­ing was a tot, I’ll grant that many at­tempts to pack the da­ta in tight are symp­toms of pre­ma­ture op­ti­miza­tion. But space-vs-time trade-offs are just not gonna go away; deal with it. And I’ve had my work­ing set blown to hell more than once try­ing to build the parse tree for what seemed like a moderately-sized in­com­ing mes­sage, in a lan­guage that turned out to be just a lit­tle too high lev­el. And the “My thought-experiment lan­guage solved that in 1976” mantra is bor­ing.
Drunk Men On Bots · Yet an­oth­er piece of good work in irritatingly-anonymous web­space. On Bots is at once in­struc­tive and beau­ti­ful.
Microformats Search · The Mi­cro­for­mats kids all have re­al­ly great hair, and the coolest acronyms; stil­l, up till now, it’s all on­ly oc­ca­sion­al­ly seemed plau­si­ble to me. But this new Tech­no­rati mi­cro­for­mat search thing, I look at it and for the first time re­al­ly think “This could be big”. For ex­am­ple, look at kitchen.tech­no­rati.­com/even­t/search/­van­cou­ver (even the URI is in­ter­est­ing). It looks like some “sort-by” but­tons and au­thor­i­ty and key­word fil­ters would im­prove things; and if this catch­es on some Mon­day the spam­mers will be there by Wed­nes­day. But stil­l, we could be see­ing it hap­pen: small pieces com­bin­ing to pro­duce some­thing re­al­ly, re­al­ly big. [Dis­clo­sure: I have a con­flict of in­ter­est with re­spect to Tech­no­rati.]
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