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Underground, Invitation, Le kick and rush · I won­der if there’s any re­al ben­e­fit, when some­one whom I’ve al­ready high­light­ed writes some­thing ex­cep­tion­al­ly good, in point­ing to them again and say­ing “read this!” But some­times you can’t not do it. Item: my broth­er Rob on the joy of un­der­ground high ex­plo­sives. Item: Alex Waterhouse-Hayward on Ana Vic­to­ria (o­h, my). For my last link you’ll have to be able to read a lan­guage some­what but not en­tire­ly un­like French; Mon­di­al 2006 is the World Cup 2006 blog from Libération ; its tor­rent of high-velocity low-rent French baf­fles me in places, and it doesn’t help that I’m not 100% au fait with les Bleus, but you have to like pieces like Panini, beer & Co.
Southern Lord · David Byrne post­ed Heavy Theater in his (ex­cel­len­t) blog, which led me to Heady Me­tal in the New York Times, which led me to South­ern Lord. Look: ei­ther you like an end­less twist­ing tor­rent of un­com­pro­mis­ing gui­tar roar for its own sake, or you don’t. I do. When I feel like this kind of thing, his­tor­i­cal­ly I’ve turned to Wash­ing Ma­chine by Son­ic Youth, or Arc by Neil Young. But there are peo­ple who love and live and breathe this stuff all the time. I end­ed up buy­ing two al­bums by Boris; check out In­tro, from Aku­ma No Uta on South­ern Lord’s “Listen” page. And I think to my­self: What a won­der­ful world...
The RAID in the Mirror · If you have lots of da­ta to store and are fig­ur­ing out how to lay out your disks, check out Roch Bourbonnais’ WHEN TO (AND NOT TO) USE RAID-Z. (Hey Roch; could you find a slight­ly less bru­tal way to for­mat your blog?) For RAID & filesys­tem wonks on­ly. It’s a lu­cid, quan­ti­ta­tive ex­pla­na­tion of the trade-offs be­tween mir­ror­ing, strip­ing, and RAID-ing. Some of the nar­ra­tive is ZFS-specific, but I sus­pect that the lessons are pret­ty gen­er­al. Out there in the re­al world of pro­duc­tion ap­pli­ca­tion­s, you’d be sur­prised how of­ten it is, when you’re wait­ing for a slow ap­p, you’re wait­ing for the disk, not the CPU. This stuff mat­ter­s.
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