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Web 2.0™ · As some­one who’s had a lot of re­spect for O’Reilly, the per­son and the com­pa­ny, for a few years, and as some­one who’s run small busi­ness­es and who knows how hard it is to take a va­ca­tion, I feel bad about this one. Be­cause while you may not al­ways agree with Tim, he’s not stupid, and an at­tempt to lock down the term “Web 2.0” at the same time as you’re build­ing thought lead­er­ship around it, that’s stupid. So I’d urge the world to cut Mr. O’Reilly some slack till he gets back from va­ca­tion. I al­so sus­pect that the val­ue of Web 2.0™ will be unim­paired; it’s re­al­ly on­ly used se­ri­ous­ly by VCs and mar­keters and prog­nos­ti­ca­tors who are by and large un­per­turbed by the lawyers’ view of in­tel­lec­tu­al prop­er­ty, not by the ac­tu­al hands-on de­vel­op­ers who build what­ev­er it is we’re talk­ing about; and for that, I still pre­fer read-write Web.
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