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Those Accents · I already wrote about how the NetBeans and EE guys are learning lessons from Rails. But when Roman Strobl asked me to look at his latest on instant persistence, I realized that they’ve learned the really important lesson; it’s all about instant-app screencasts featuring guys with cute European accents. Dig the way Roman says “scaffolding”. Clearly Django, Grails, and the other Web-framework wannabes need to go recruit some appealing Europeans... now here’s a radical idea: how about a woman? [Update: Django has a Eurowebcast too!]
On Grids · This is an introduction to the state of the art in Grid Computing in mid-2006. I start with some definitions and motivation, look at grid economics, survey the kinds of infrastructure that are out there now, and touch on future directions. The introduction is “brief” in the sense that it does little more than touch the surface of the subject, but it’s still immensely long for a blog. [Update: MapReduce is here and multi-node today! It’s called Hadoop.] ...
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