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Getting From HD to the Screen · As of mid-2006, iMovie HD doesn’t ex­port HD video to Quick­Time in a us­able for­m; it comes out in 4:3 rather than 16:9, the dis­play is marred by scan lines, and even at a mod­est width (say 800) reasonably-powerful com­put­ers can’t ren­der it smooth­ly. Here’s the recipe for fix­ing the prob­lem. [Up­date: For­got the ac­knowl­edg­ments! Thanks for good ad­vice to Jef­frey Cz­er­ni­ak, Mike Cur­tis, Tony Coates, and Charles Wit­gen.] [Up­date: Mike Cur­tis has sug­gest­ed a sub­stan­tial im­prove­men­t, and it work­s.] ...
iCal Sucks Hugely · I’ve been us­ing iCal for a cou­ple of years now; nev­er re­al­ly loved it but it’s OK. To­day for some rea­son my Pow­erBook locked up (no big gripe, this hard­ly ev­er hap­pen­s) and when it came back up, iCal showed a lit­tle red splodge next to my cal­en­dar which when clicked said “iCal was un­able to load the cal­en­dar. The file might be cor­rupt­ed or tem­po­rar­ly (sic) un­read­able. you can try again lat­er or re­set this cal­en­dar. Re­set­ting the cal­en­dar will re­move all cal­en­dar content.” There are not words to ex­press how much this suck­s. A pro­gram­mer work­ing for me who left this kind of hole in a personal-productivity ap­pli­ca­tion would be sub­ject to dis­missal. Any­how, I got my life back; read on to find out how, along with some oth­er ad­vice to iCal users and to Ap­ple ...
It’s Odd · I’m quot­ing Stephen Dun­can Jr, de­scrib­ing the fact that Blog­lines would rather try to fool peo­ple who sub­scribe to my Atom feed by switch­ing in my RSS feed, as op­posed to just fix­ing their stupid­ly bro­ken Atom 1.0 han­dling. “Odd” is one word for it. Coun­ter­mea­sures are ap­pro­pri­ate and if I have to I’ll take them, but wouldn’t it be so much bet­ter to just, like, you know, im­ple­ment the In­ter­net Stan­dards? Nobody’s ask­ing any­one to stop pro­cess­ing RSS, but the world (un­like Blog­li­nes) didn’t freeze sol­id in 2003.
New Neo · I’ve been kind of qui­et, and that’s be­cause the Ja­va One peo­ple low­ered the boom on me, told me that if I didn’t get the slides for my ses­sion in they were go­ing to can­cel it. So I’ve been spend­ing qual­i­ty time with Open Of­fice, in par­tic­u­lar the NeoOf­fice fla­vor. They’ve got an al­pha of their ver­sion of OO.o 2 up, and it’s a vast im­prove­ment over 1.2, with a bunch of use­ful side­bar nav­i­ga­tors and bet­ter view-switching. Al­so, it’s all-ODF. There’s some in­ter­est­ing busi­ness mod­el in­no­va­tion; al­though Neo is GPL’ed, you have to sign up and pay to join the Ear­ly Ac­cess pro­gram if you want to use the 2.0 al­pha pre-release. I didn’t hit a sin­gle bug with the al­pha in two days of hard edit­ing; I as­sume the Neo boys are slav­ing away over per­for­mance, be­cause it’s pret­ty slow at the mo­men­t.
Bad Days for Rob · Robert Scoble I mean, who’s go­ing through tough stuff (the pic­ture here is heart­break­ing). A hap­py end­ing doesn’t look very like­ly, but let’s hope everyone’s pain and suf­fer­ing are as small as they can be. One thing Rob wrote brought me to a full stop and I had to read it again to be sure he’d re­al­ly said that: “If I have a chance to look at a screen and com­pre­hend what it says, keep me alive. Other­wise please don't per­form hero­ic mea­sures to keep me alive.” I don’t know if I’d go that far; but it’s thought-provoking.
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