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BlogBridge · I wrote about this feed-reader be­fore way last year, say­ing it was good but slow. To­day, I got a gripe say­ing there were prob­lems with my Atom feed in BlogBridge, so I down­load­ed it and it’s still very good and not slow any more. Ex­cept for, when I first down­load­ed it, it wouldn’t work at al­l; mut­tered qui­et­ly on start­up about my pre­vi­ous “Guides” be­ing cor­rupt­ed, but then sat there sul­len­ly and re­fused to do much of any­thing. Not en­tire­ly un­rea­son­able, I fig­ured if I wiped out the set­tings from the pre­vi­ous in­stall I should be fine; but it took me the longest time to fig­ure out they were in $HOME/.bb as op­posed to some­where un­der $HOME/Li­brary; har­rumph. Any­how, yes, it’s slick and fast and fun to use and im­ports OPML just fine and (as it’s Java) runs ev­ery­where; so it’s now re­placed Blog­lines as my rec­om­mend­ed feed-reader for any­one who’s not on a Mac­in­tosh and thus can’t use NetNewsWire. And, oh, yes, it’s got a relative-URI bug in its Atom 1.0 han­dling, a sub­tle one which most peo­ple won’t no­tice. I filed a bug re­port, let’s see what hap­pen­s. [Up­date: Got a note from Blog­bridge say­ing “Try the week­ly” and sure enough, all fixed up. Good stuff.]
FSS: The Rim Again · Fri­day Slide Scan #29 re­vis­its Pa­cif­ic Rim Na­tion­al Park; if you like these you’ll like the pre­vi­ous vis­it­s: #20, #21, and #23. This time we have a storm shot and a sand shot ...
Having Done Java · Here’s an ob­ser­va­tion: if there’s some­thing you as a pro­gram­mer want to do (con­nect to a web­site, read some XML, walk a filesys­tem, lis­ten on a sock­et, what­ev­er) there’ll be a li­brary in what­ev­er lan­guage you’re us­ing to do that. I’ve ob­served that, on av­er­age, the qual­i­ty of the li­braries is bet­ter in Ja­va than in the com­pe­ti­tion: Per­l, Python, Ruby, what­ev­er. Don’t get up­set, those oth­er lan­guages have lots of oth­er ad­van­tages and are The Right Tool for lots of job­s. And the delta isn’t universal—there are stinky Ja­va li­braries and love­ly Ru­by ones—but stil­l, I’d say this is true way, way more of­ten than not. This sug­gests a hy­poth­e­sis: Hav­ing been a Ja­va pro­gram­mer will make you a bet­ter Ru­by or Python or what­ev­er pro­gram­mer. Oo­h, are peo­ple ev­er gonna get mad at me.
A Good Anger · I was driv­ing the kid to work this morn­ing, mut­ter­ing the usu­al im­pre­ca­tions as I switched from one rock-music sta­tion to the next look­ing for ac­tu­al mu­sic in­stead of yap­ping morning-show mo­ron­s, and Yow! Here was a howl­ing gui­tar and a keen­ing voice singing about the stink­ing war and vow­ing to nev­er kill again and the false faces on TV and that was just per­fec­t, if ra­dio doesn’t have a place for anger-with-a-backbeat well it’s not worth lis­ten­ing to. And you can lis­ten to Neil Young’s Liv­ing With War to­day for free (although it seems like the serv­er is kind of dog­ging it).
Raintulip · Spring en­cour­ages the tulips and then the rain damp­ens them. Wet or dry they’re fine by me ...
SAML On The March · I tell peo­ple I’m a soft­ware gen­er­al­ist, but there are lots of holes in my knowl­edge. One of them is iden­ti­ty and I re­al­ly must fix that, be­cause it’s a hot pain point both for busi­ness­es and in­di­vid­u­al peo­ple. (How many pass­words do you have?) Any­how, our own Eve Maler is one of the peo­ple you want to watch in this space, and she’s point­ing us at a bunch of ac­tion over in SAML-land, here, here, and here. For my mon­ey, the hot sto­ry is the Dan­ish re­quire­ment that if you want to do fed­er­a­tion, you should bloody well use SAML. The Danes have had pos­i­tive ex­pe­ri­ences with shared stan­dard­ized XML vo­cab­u­lar­ies, hav­ing scored a big win with UBL. I can’t imag­ine any­thing in the short term that would be of greater ben­e­fit for ev­ery­one than ubiq­ui­tous share­able iden­ti­ty ser­vices.
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