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LAMP and MARS · At that Rails con­fer­ence, when I was talk­ing to Obie Fer­nan­dez, he asked, more or less “How can Sun love us? We’re not Java” and I said, more or less, “Hey, you’re pro­gram­mer­s, you write soft­ware and there have to be com­put­ers to run it, we sell com­put­er­s, why wouldn’t we love you?” Any­how, we touched on par­al­lelism a bit and I talked up the T1; Obie took that ball and ran with it, say­ing all sorts of pos­i­tive things about syn­er­gy be­tween Rails’ shared-nothing ar­chi­tec­ture and our mul­ti­core sys­tem­s. Yeah, well, good in the­o­ry, but I’m too old to make that kind of pre­dic­tion with­out run­ning some test­s. Hah, it turns out that Joyent has been do­ing that, and have 76 PDF slides on the sub­jec­t. If you care about big-system scal­ing is­sues, read the whole thing; a lit­tle long, but amus­ing and with hard­ly any bul­let list­s. If you’re a Sun share­hold­er look­ing for a pick-me up, check out slides 40-41, 49, and 52-74. Oh, I gath­er that the T1, So­lar­is, and ZFS are OK for Ja­va too. [Up­date: The ti­tle was just “SAMR”, as in LAMP with two new let­ter­s. Enough peo­ple didn’t get it that I was forced to think about it, and MARS works bet­ter any­how.] [Up­date: Bryan Cantrill shows how to pro­file Rails with DTrace.]
Real-Time Journalism · I got email late yes­ter­day from David Ber­lind: “Hey, can I call you for a minute?” He want­ed com­men­tary on a sto­ry he was writ­ing that I think is about the po­ten­tial for intellectual-property lock-ins on RSS and Atom ex­ten­sion­s. I say “I think is about” be­cause the head­line is “Will or could RSS get forked?”. After a few minutes’ chat, David asked if he could record for a pod­cast, and even though I on­ly had a cell­phone, the au­dio came out OK. The con­ver­sa­tion was rhyth­mic: David brought up a suc­ces­sion of po­ten­tial is­sues and an­swered each along the lines of “Yes, it’s rea­son­able to wor­ry about that, but in this case I don’t see any par­tic­u­lar problems.” Plus I emit­ted a mercifully-brief rant on the dif­fer­ence be­tween pro­to­col­s, data, and soft­ware. On the one hand, I thought David could have been a lit­tle clear­er that I was push­ing back against the thrust of his sto­ry, but on the oth­er hand he in­clud­ed the whole con­ver­sa­tion right there in the piece, so any­one who ac­tu­al­ly cares can lis­ten and find out what I ac­tu­al­ly said, not what I think I said nor what David re­port­ed I said. I find this raw barely-intermediated jour­nal­ism (we talk on the phone this af­ter­noon, it’s on the Web in hours) a lit­tle shock­ing stil­l. On bal­ance, it’s bet­ter than the way we used to do things.
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