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Goddess · That would be my wife Lau­ren. After I b0rked our Win2K game­box, I tried re-installing the OS and even­tu­al­ly re­duced it to com­plete brick-ness, it rec­og­nized nei­ther the video adapter nor the net­work card. So Lau­ren brushed me aside and start­ed wrestling with the prob­lem, and to make a long sto­ry short, it al­most com­plete­ly works again. At one point she seemed near­ly in­fi­nite in her ca­pa­bil­i­ties, sit­ting in front of the com­put­er wran­gling soft­ware up­dates while knit­ting ba­by stuff and look­ing up words in a Ger­man dic­tio­nary for the kid’s home­work. Some of the Ger­man nouns and mut­tered curs­es at the Win­dows in­stall sound­ed re­mark­ably like each oth­er. Why would any­one not mar­ry a geek? The on­ly prob­lem is that Win2K won’t auto-switch res­o­lu­tions to play games any more, it gets the fre­quen­cy wrong and the LCD goes pear-shaped, you have to hand-select the fre­quen­cy and switch in­to the right res­o­lu­tion first. LazyWe­b?
Hyatt on the High-Res Web · Check out Dave Hyatt’s ex­cel­lent write-up on de­sign­ing and ren­der­ing Web pages so they take ad­van­tage of the higher-resolution screens that may be com­ing our way. I em­pha­size “may” be­cause I’ve seen how slow­ly we’ve picked up pix­els over the years. The first re­al­ly sub­stan­tial screen I ev­er worked on was a 1988-vintage Sun work­sta­tion with about a mil­lion pix­el­s. The Mac on my lap right now, which has 125 times as much mem­o­ry as that work­sta­tion, has on­ly 1.38 mil­lion pix­el­s. Any­how, Hy­att has some smart things to say on the is­sues, which are trick­i­er than you might think. I sus­pect that some­time in a cou­ple of years, if I still care about on­go­ing, I’m go­ing to have to go back and re­pro­cess all the im­ages so that higher-res ver­sions are avail­able for those who have the screens and don’t mind down­load­ing big­ger files. Any­how, Dave’s piece may be slight­ly mis­lead­ing in that he talks about SVG as though it’s some­thing com­ing in the fu­ture. Not so, check out this nifty SVG Atom lo­go, which works fine in all the Mozil­la browsers I have here. Load it up, re­size the win­dow, and watch what hap­pen­s. Then do a “view source”. [Up­date: Jeff Schiller writes to tell me that Opera 9 does SVG (and Opera 8 “SVG Tiny”) too.] [Dave Walk­er writes: Though the ship­ping ver­sion of Sa­fari doesn’t sup­port SVG, the nightlies do.] [Dave Le­men points to JPEG 2000 as pos­si­bly use­ful in a high-res con­tex­t.]
Just A Kid · Last week­end, Lau­ren felt like cook­ing up home-made Easter eggs, so the shop­ping list in­clud­ed “chocolate chips (large bag)”. I was head­ing down the bulk-foods aisle and re­al­ized one of the ver­ti­cal acrylic bins was full of them. Some­one had been slop­py, and there was a lit­tle heap of choco­late chips on the shelf un­der­neath it. For a sec­ond, I flashed in­to pure eight-year-old mod­e, think­ing “Holy cow, there’s a whole bin full of choco­late chip­s, and more just ly­ing there!” I popped a few in my mouth and they were ex­cel­len­t; semi-sweet, dark, strong, and fir­m. I was still in the state that Bud­dhists don’t mean when they say “Child’s Mind”, think­ing “I can get as many as I want!” The list did say “large bag” af­ter al­l, so I put a bag un­der the spout and glee­ful­ly jammed the lever all the way over. At home, Lau­ren said “You went over­board, a bit, didn’t you?” and now we have a plas­tic canister-full in the pantry which should last us in­to 2007. It’s a good feel­ing.
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