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Mad at Boston.com · There’s this piece in Bos­ton.­com (an op­er­a­tion of the Bos­ton Globe) to­day, en­ti­tled Blogs ‘essential’ to a good ca­reer. It says that “Dervala Han­ley writes a quirky lit­er­ary blog that got her a job is at Stone Ya­mashita Partners”, but it doesn’t link to Dervala’s space or to her em­ploy­er. Then it adds “‘Decision-makers re­spect Google-karma,’ writes Tim Bray, di­rec­tor of Web tech­nolo­gies for Sun Mi­crosys­tems.” It does link to Sun but not to on­go­ing; in­ter­est­ing­ly, that re­mark about Google was from the follow-up to my orig­i­nal Ten Rea­sons Why Blog­ging is Good For Your Ca­reer, prob­a­bly the most-read frag­ment in the his­to­ry of on­go­ing, even if it was whipped off in 15 min­utes while watch­ing TV. This feels un­pro­fes­sion­al to me. [Up­date: The Bos­ton.­com ar­ti­cle has links now.]
Mad at Microsoft · We have a 2002-vintage Athlon 1800 white­box run­ning Win2K in the liv­ing area that’s used for slide scan­ning and games; the kid plays Ton­ka con­struc­tion games, and he and I both oc­ca­sion­al­ly dip in­to the Need For Speed se­ries. Nel­son Mi­nar wrote a piece on Eve On­line that made it sound in­ter­est­ing and dif­fer­en­t, so I thought I’d take a look. Eve would load but not run, looked like a video driv­er prob­lem, so I went and got what looked like the lat­est for the old GeForce 2 Ti from the NVidia site, and by fol­low­ing the in­struc­tions pre­cise­ly, re­duced it to 640x480 pure-VGA mod­e. Lau­ren (des­ig­nat­ed Win­dows hack around here) was able to get it more or less work­ing again but now it runs nei­ther Eve nor Need for Speed. (Yes, we have the lat­est Direc­tX and all the Win­dows up­dates and all the ob­vi­ous things). Wel­l... could get a nice new Mac and dual-boot it as a games box. Or could up­date it to WinXP which would prob­a­bly come with the right driver-ware by de­fault. Of course, both of these mean buy­ing XP. Off the shelf, the Home up­grade is C$150, but we can’t use that be­cause it on­ly up­grades from 9x and ME. The XP Pro up­grade is C$250. Which is to­tal­ly, com­plete­ly, in­sane­ly, ex­or­bi­tan­t. And I ain’t gonna pay. Good­bye, Need for Speed.
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