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Explore Mars · Pop on over to NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter site and grab a copy of this 20048-by-9500 Martian Landscape (that link is to a page of alternatives, not the image itself, it’s safe to follow). Then drop it into your favorite photo-browsing application—the detail is remarkable—and go for a walk around Mars.
Servers In the Right Places · Earlier this month I lamented that we didn’t have much of a process for donating computers to projects that are doing good things. We seem to be making some progress on that, for example the T2000-tryout program seems to be running a lot smoother. But that’s not all; for example, an X2100 showed up Friday on the doorstep of Nexenta, as in GNU/Solaris. I think that this kind of thing is a complete no-brainer and hope that we manage to do more of it.
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