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Atomic Google Hacks · Check out Mi­hai Parparita’s Google Read­er Tid­bits, about how he used Google Read­er hacks to do a bunch of clever feed splic­ing. The ar­ti­cle is in­ter­est­ing, and I think Atom is go­ing to en­able a bunch of feed-mashup cre­ativ­i­ty that I’m not smart enough to in­ven­t. But I want­ed to do a deep-dive on the ac­tu­al Atom feed he gen­er­at­ed, which is prob­a­bly of in­ter­est on­ly to ob­ses­sive Atom 1.0 fetishist­s ...
Those Cruel Irish · Peo­ple in­side Sun were glee­ful­ly email­ing around Colm MacCárthaigh’s big Ni­a­gara bench­mark post and I was read­ing and found my­self laugh­ing out loud. The syn­op­sis is: it’s a big se­ri­ous bench­mark and the box did great, pret­ty well slaugh­ter­ing both a Dell Xeon and a Dell Ita­ni­um. But jeep­er­s, those Ir­ish dudes are heart­less, I’m sur­prised there weren’t smok­ing shards of cas­ing and sil­i­con on the floor. I think most Apache & *n*x geeks would find them­selves gasp­ing and snick­er­ing a bit at Colm’s write-up, but there’s some re­al wis­dom there too about filesys­tem and serv­er tun­ing and so on, al­though some of the tricks are def­i­nite­ly don’t-try-this-at-home. Any­how, here are some cute sam­ples:
“Also, in each case, the sys­tem was pret­ty much un­us­able by the time we were done!”
“... about 83,000 con­cur­rent downloads.”
[They man­aged to crash So­laris with the ex­per­i­men­tal event MPM]: “Then again, it was han­dling about 30,000 re­quests at the time, with no ac­cept mutex.”
“Of course, no serv­er should ev­er be al­lowed to get in­to that kind of in­sane territory.”
“Note: these are stupid val­ues for a real-world server... re­al­ly on­ly use­ful if you are do­ing some in­sane bench­mark­ing and testing.”
“...5718 re­quests per second.”
Hey Jonathan, let ’em keep the box. [Up­date: They’re keep­ing it.]

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