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Feed Icons! · Hey check out the Feed Icons site. Now you, too, can have the Univer­sal Feed Icon in any size and (with a bit of Pho­toShop hack­ing) col­or that you like. Ob­serve the sam­ple here at on­go­ing, now small­er, color-coordinated, and repo­si­tioned. The idea of a sim­ple uni­form graph­ic that still has some room for cus­tomiza­tion, is that great or what? [Up­date: Ivan Sa­galaev pol­ished up the lit­tle green goober, giv­ing it rounder cor­ner­s; thanks!]
The Smoking Gun · I al­ready griped about we Western­ers be­ing short-changed on high-def hock­ey, but Metroblog­ging Van­cou­ver found the ev­i­dence. Here’s the CBC Hock­ey Night in Cana­da sched­ule, and sure enough, there are ex­act­ly ze­ro Van­cou­ver games in high-def, while many US cities get cov­er­age, in­clud­ing bloody Tam­pa Bay twice. Face­tious­ness aside, this is im­par­don­able ar­ro­gance. (Oh, and by the way, that Metroblog­ging piece has some interestingly-doomful things to say about the fu­ture of the movie the­atre.)
Validated · For some time, the Feed Val­ida­tor has been mut­ter­ing warn­ings about my Atom 1.0 feed, hav­ing to do with my ag­gres­sive use of xm­l:base and rel­a­tive URIs. I fixed that up, and man­aged to con­vince Sam Ru­by that one of the warn­ings (due to a redi­rect from tbray.org to www.t­bray.org) was bo­gus. So the validator’s hap­py. I al­so took a lit­tle ex­tra trou­ble to pret­ti­fy the feed, and now I think it’s prob­a­bly use­ful as an ex­am­ple of a fair­ly full-featured and ultra-squeaky-clean Atom 1.0 feed; some­what human-readable, even. Have a look at my feed and Sam’s side-by-side, his is very read­able too, there are some points where the dif­fer­ence be­tween Sam’s choic­es and mine are in­struc­tive. Any­one have a sug­ges­tion on how my feed might be im­proved, to serve even bet­ter as an ex­am­ple?
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