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More ZFS Data · I see that Dana H. My­ers has been dig­ging away at ZFS per­for­mance us­ing the on­ly met­ric that re­al­ly mat­ters to the re­al geek: OS build per­for­mance. The num­bers are in­ter­est­ing... I’m sur­prised that com­pres­sion made so lit­tle dif­fer­ence, both source and ob­ject code com­press quite well (I just ran a lit­tle test: the Emacs bi­na­ry com­pressed to 18% of its size, a bunch of Ja­va code to 19%.) Maybe the fact that it’s zil­lions of lit­tle files means that the file open/cre­ate over­head dom­i­nates the ac­tu­al in­put/out­put time? There is no doubt there is a huge amount of work to be done on I/O per­for­mance, both un­der­stand­ing it and im­prov­ing it. But ZFS is in­creas­ing­ly look­ing like a step for­ward.
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