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Busy Pix · Wel­l, I didn’t have time to do the Fri­day Slide Scan, and I’m not go­ing to fit the 5✭♫ for Mon­day in ei­ther; just too much hap­pen­ing. So I thought I’d post a cou­ple of random—ex­treme­ly random—pictures ...
Programming Languages · I fol­lowed a point­er from Bill de hÓra this morn­ing and it cost me an un­planned hour while the rest of the fam­i­ly slep­t, on the sub­ject of pro­gram­ming lan­guages. If you care about such things, stop read­ing here or you’re about to get stuck too; but that’s be­cause it’s good stuff. Bill point­ed me at Steve Yegge, some­how I hadn’t run across him pre­vi­ous­ly.
Item: Bruce Eck­el on The Depar­ture of the Hyper-Enthusiasts, which is too rich to sum­ma­rize but if you had to, it would be: Ru­by is good, but not re­al­ly good enough to beat Python. I wrote about this be­fore, but the con­ver­sa­tion it start­ed re­al­ly has legs.
Item: Steve Yegge push­es back with A lit­tle anti-anti-hype, which ar­gues that friendli­er lan­guages some­times beat bet­ter lan­guages, e.g. Perl vs. Python. The piece is, he ad­mit­s, in­flam­ma­to­ry.
Item: Speak­ing of friend­ly lan­guages, if Steve is right, Ru­by has won, check out why’s (poignan­t) guide to Ru­by which isn’t just friend­ly, it’s a cute lit­tle pup­py bounc­ing in your lap, lick­ing your nose.
Item: Back to Steve Yegge, who ir­ri­tat­ed enough peo­ple with that pre­vi­ous piece that he wrote a follow-up, Bam­bi Meets Godzil­la, mak­ing the same points, but well enough that you don’t mind.
Item: Steve’s Tour de Ba­bel is a re­al­ly fun­ny and en­ter­tain­ing romp through a bunch of lan­guages.
Item: Steve’s al­so in­ter­est­ed in other-languages-on-the-JVM, just like me. Un­like me, he pos­i­tive­ly de­spis­es the Ja­va lan­guage. Me­morable quote: “Java has lots of won­der­ful fea­tures, but Ja­va isn’t one of them. Java’s ap­peal as a plat­form for do­ing re­al work rests pre­cise­ly on its strengths as a plat­for­m, not as a language.” This is in JVM Lan­guages: Ja­va 5, from the se­ries en­ti­tled Stevey’s JVM Lan­guage Soko-Shootout, a re­al­ly in­ter­est­ing run at a sam­ple pro­gram­ming prob­lem in a bunch of dif­fer­ent lan­guages run­ning on the JVM.
Item: Speak­ing of those lan­guages, it turns out that Charles Nut­ter who (with Thomas Enebo) leads the JRu­by pro­jec­t, has a blog, in which he’s re­cent­ly writ­ten about Get­ting IRB Go­ing which he kind of has (although it turns out to be hard), enough to type in Swing (!) code; and a piece which starts talk­ing about JRu­by on Rails, but veers in­to a very in­ter­est­ing dis­cus­sion of JRu­by per­for­mance.

Political Wisdom · Like I’ve said be­fore, I was in fa­vor of tak­ing down Sad­dam. But the crum­bling tow­er of stink­ing lies used to sell the war, then the nau­se­at­ing in­com­pe­tent bru­tal­i­ty with which it’s been pur­sued, have pushed the cost/ben­e­fit equa­tion way neg­a­tive. To­day, on one of the TV shows, US Rep. John Murtha said: “The on­ly so­lu­tion to this is to re­de­ploy. Let me tell you, the on­ly peo­ple who want us in Iraq is Iran and al-Qaeda. I’ve talked to a top-level com­man­der the oth­er day, it was about two weeks ago, and he said Chi­na wants us there al­so. Why? Be­cause we’re de­plet­ing our re­sources, our troop re­sources and our fis­cal resources.” Sounds con­vinc­ing to me.
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